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you are one of a kind

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She’s giving you all.
Pushes through the doubts.

Don’t let her fall alone.
She doesn’t deserve it.

She’s trying to stay strong.
Letting those walls she built, down.

Don’t let her slip aways.
You will never get her back.

She’s a one of kind type of gal.
They don’t make them like her anymore.

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Know what?
Fuck this.
Fuck all of this.
I’m going to be happy.
Yes I fucking am.
I don’t care if you’re yelling at me
If I can’t equate to the level
Of responsibility you want
Every day.
But I’m going to be happy.
Tonight I’m going to giggle
And watch movies with friends
And smile
And feel safe
And tomorrow
I will be with him
And I will be happy
I was really upset but talking to you brought me out of it (via waxingcrescentonherthigh)